Aloe Vera Fresh Juice 1 liter

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ALOE VERA FRESH JUICE for external use

99,7% Aloe Vera fresh Juice, cold pressed and filtered (no pulp pieces inside)



99,7% Aloe Vera fresh juice, cold pressed and filtered (no pulp pieces)

Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients.

Aloe Vera is part of a selective group of vegetable species with the most powerful healing effect in nature.

Because of that, the plant has been considered as a “miracle plant”, used to treat skin conditions and internal diseases.

In this case, our fresh Aloe Vera juice contains 99.7 % of fresh crushed Aloe Vera pulp, completely filtered without pulp traces.

We add the minimum amount of natural preservatives (0,3%) to the fresh juice in order to stabilize the product and keep it fresh for about 12 months. 

We produce every month controlled amounts of fresh crushed Aloe Vera pulp to ensure the quality and freshness of our products. 

Our juice iis one of the purest products you can currently find on the market.

Due to its liquid consistency, it can be applied directly on skin and scalp, as it does not contain any pulp pieces and it will get absorbed fast, leaving no trace. 

All the plants used for manufacturing our products come from our ecological plantations, located on the Canary Islands. 


The liquid formula of our Aloe Vera Juice enables an immediate absorption in the skin, which makes it ideal for areas with excessive body hair or to be applied directly on the scalp.No rinsing necessary.

Its gentle application on the scalp with a massage after the wash will improve the skin oxygenation of the hair follicles.
Moreover, it acts as sebum regulator on the skin and prevents hair loss.
The prolonged use of the product relieves scalp irritation and alleviates skin conditions as eczema, psoriasis or dandruff.

Prior to application, the skin should be clean and dry. No rinsing necessary once applied.
Aloe Vera can be applied before make-up, combined with your daily cream or with any ointment of your preference.
Aloe Vera won’t interfere with any topical medication; on the contrary, it will contribute to a faster absorption.

The pure Aloe Vera juice can be applied for external use on people of any age and pregnant women.


This product contains 99.7 % Pure Aloe Vera Juice, cold pressed and extracted directly from its leaves.

It´s recommended to store this product in the fridge once opened. This will avoid an early oxidation of the product. 

It will last 12 months in the fridge, once opened. 

NOTE: Aloe Vera is a lily, and therefore it is part of the same family as garlic, onions and tulips. For this reason the smell of the pure gel may be slightly strong. However, once applied to the skin, the odour will disappear completely in less than 2 minutes, as it is absorbed 8 times faster than water. 

In addition, after 6 months, the colour of the gel will start to turn yellow. This is the normal oxidation process of the plant, therefore, it is possible to continue using it until the product turns orange or till it reaches 12 months. 


1L Bottle.

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