Why drink Aloe Vera?

Drinking pure Aloe Vera juice brings a multitude of benefits to the body, an extra of nutrients and healing properties in just two tablespoons.

Into the recommended dose of 25 milliliters of pure Aloe Vera juice are up to 75 vitamins and minerals, plus 7 of the 8 essential amino acids and 18 of the 22 secondary ones for the correct functioning of the organism.

With a high anti-inflammatory power, it is effective to treat stomach problems; it regulates the blood sugar and cholesterol levels, removes toxins and chemicals from the body and boosts the immune system.

Scientific studies coincide in 5 key benefits.

Reinforcement of the immune system

Aloe Vera contains polysaccharide that enhances the body's immune barriers against bacteria, promoting cell regeneration.

Regulates digestion

The properties of the Aloe Vera helps the intestinal function and relieves constipation, helps to treat gastritis, ulcers, or acidity and reflux (heartburn), acting as a stomach protector.

Recommended dose of minerals

The content of fresh Aloe Vera leaves has vitamin A, group B and C, folic acid as well as up to 20 of the 21 amino acids required. The consumption of its juice contributes minerals, with high doses of calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium chromium, zinc, manganese and copper. This extra contribution of nutrients is observed in a short term in a stronger skin, hair and nails.

Powerful anti-inflammatory

Among the substances that contain pure Aloe Vera juice there are up to 12 natural elements that help minimize inflammation, acting as a natural remedy of joint and muscle pain, as well as problems of tendinitis, prostatitis, migraines, among others.

It´s also useful as a treatment for sore throat and oral health and hygiene, combating gingivitis, periodontitis, halitosis, tooth decay, sensitive gums and accelerates the healing of herpes and mouth sores.

Natural Purifier against Chemicals and Cholesterol

Aloe Vera has served since ancient times for the purification of water and air, being a potent remedy to cleanse the liver, kidneys, spleen or uterus, among other organs. It is also recommended for people with cholesterol or blood sugar level problems. For cancer patients, Aloe Vera is a great help to eliminate the excess of chemicals that are used during chemo therapy and minimizes their side effects.

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