Using aloe vera for acne

Acne is a common skin condition, especially during adolescence. However, with the assistance of a specialised doctor and good care, it can be tackled effectively. When it comes to natural products that can be used to treat acne, aloe vera is one of the most effective. Read on to find out more about how aloe vera for acne can keep it under control.

Aloe vera for acne scarring

Aloe vera for acne and scarring is very effective due to its deep cleansing and healing power. It is therefore a suitable choice for people with marks on their face caused by this condition. In addition, aloe vera is a natural alternative to other chemical products that can sometimes be more harmful.

What type of aloe vera product should you use? It is best to opt for a gel made from organic aloe vera pulp and apply it directly to the skin once or twice a day. It can also be used before going to bed so it acts throughout the night, as this is the time when the skin's regeneration processes take place.

You should also use a moisturising cream formulated for oily skin that contains aloe vera as its main ingredient. This way, you will be able to moisturise and care for your face without damaging it.

Ways to treat acne with aloe vera

There are different ways to use aloe vera to treat acne marks. You can use gels, make-up removers or soaps. However, you should make sure that these products are made with 100% pure aloe vera and other quality natural ingredients.

Consistency is key so you must incorporate these products into your daily skincare regime. You should also use quality products, free of chemical ingredients that can damage acne-prone skin.

What routine should be followed with aloe vera products?

  • Cleanse your face with aloe soap after getting up and before going to bed.
  • Remove make-up from your face with a make-up remover formulated with aloe vera. Then clean it again with soap.
  • Use an aloe vera gel on your face at least once a day.
  • Use a moisturising cream morning and night with aloe vera; this is especially suitable for acne-prone skin.
  • Use a homemade mask made with aloe vera gel and an astringent ingredient, such as cucumber or clay.

Using aloe vera gel for your skin

Aloe vera has a wealth of properties for skin health. It soothes and refreshes, promotes skin regeneration and helps remove blackheads, pimples and scars.  For acne-prone skin, an excellent option is to use an aloe vera gel, as its astringent properties help control excess oil.

We recommend the use of our Pure Aloe Vera Gel, made with 98% aloe vera. It can be applied directly to the face after removing your make-up and washing before going to sleep. You should combine Aloe Vera with a moisturising cream, as it is astringent and can leave a sensation of dryness. However, when combined with a moisturiser, it helps it penetrate the skin better, thus eliminating shine from the face.

As an added extra, you can make homemade masks with an aloe vera gel base for blackheads and acne. Other ingredients can be added to help eliminate excess oil, such as green clay, cucumber, lemon, egg or yoghurt. These masks are applied to a clean face and left on for about 20 minutes. It is recommended to do so once or twice a week.

Ways to treat acne with aloe vera

Use make-up remover with aloe vera

Conventional cleansing milk contains greasy ingredients that are often unsuitable for oily skin with acne. In these cases, you should therefore use a make-up remover formulated with aloe vera. Due to its astringent power, aloe vera helps cleanse the face deeply and remove excess oil effectively.

We recommend the Cleansing and Moisturising Milk with Aloe Vera enriched with natural ingredients, such as olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond, apricot, lavender, rosemary and argan. A unique combination that removes make-up from your face without being aggressive or greasy, leaving the skin soft and moisturised.

How should it be applied? Directly to the face then left on for a few minutes. Afterwards, wipe your face with a towel and wash with water. You can also apply a generous amount of product to a cotton pad to remove your make-up, then rinse with plenty of water.

Using aloe vera soaps

Acne-prone faces need thorough daily cleansing to remove excess oil, blackheads and acne-causing bacteria. Aloe vera soaps are an excellent choice for cleansing. Why? Because in addition to having mildly astringent properties, they refresh and soothe the skin.

We recommend the Handcrafted Soap, made with ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut and olive oil, cocoa and shea butter and lavender. This product gently cleanses and moisturises your face, as well as being an excellent cell regenerator with anti-inflammatory properties; ideal for acne-prone skin.

You can also use the Lavender Handcrafted Soap, enriched with pure aloe gel, coconut and olive oil, shea and cocoa butter and lavender. This soap moisturises, soothes and refreshes the skin and is therefore very suitable for people with acne.

In addition to including these soaps in your daily facial care routine, you can also use them when your skin feels excessively dirty, such as after physical exercise, spending time outdoors in the countryside or at the beach, or after being exposed to high levels of pollution in the city.

In short, using aloe vera for acne will help keep this condition under control. This 100% natural product should be an essential part of your facial care routine, either in the form of gel or soap. As mentioned above, aloe vera is good for acne, so take advantage of its properties.

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