Natural Remedies with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, also known as aloe, is a succulent plant species to which many health benefits are attributed. It is one of the plants with most applications, from the creation of home remedies with aloe vera to simple decorative use. In this post, we’ll show you the different characteristics that make this plant very useful to treat countless problems -- especially those related to the skin.

Aloe vera for natural products is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. However, not all kinds are the same. In fact, only 4 varieties of the 250 knowns are worthwhile, as they have very significant medicinal and healing characteristics.

In cosmetics, aloe is used more and more frequently. Manufacturers remove and purify plant extracts, avoiding aloin, a kind of latex that can cause allergic skin reactions. Home treatment with aloe is widespread. Sometimes the procedure to obtain pure aloe gel is very rudimentary and is not undertaken properly, causing skin irritation and more severe allergic reactions.

Among the variety of natural remedies with aloe vera that are effective to reverse diseases and pathologies, the ones mentioned below deserve your attention.

An ally against dandruff

Dandruff appears when the epidermis of the scalp is replaced by a new layer of skin. The dead cells are visible as white spots. This process can be compromised by infection with Malassezias yeasts that metabolize the sebum of the scalp and cause further shedding of skin.

There are different natural remedies with aloe against dandruff, given its antifungal and antibacterial qualities. In other words, its regular application helps to minimize the flaking caused by fungi on the scalp.

Did you know that this plant is able to regulate the pH of the skin? It also acts as a moisturizer, hydrating and repairing damaged hair. It provides a feeling of freshness and reduces inflammation of the surrounding skin.

Aloe vera for acne

Acne is a pathology that makes its appearance through the alteration of the sebaceous glands. When these glands become inflamed, the dreaded pimples and blackheads appear. A lack of hygiene, stress, hormonal changes, and poor nutrition directly affect the appearance of acne.

As we have mentioned, aloe gel has antibacterial properties and is very effective in treating external skin lesions, such as those caused by acne. This gel deeply cleanses the skin, moisturizes it, and prevents bacteria from settling into the pores causing inflammation and irritation.

Its regenerative capacity makes pimples disappear faster, leaving less scarring.

Treating sunburns

It is very important to protect the skin from the sun, especially in summer. If you don’t watch yourself and fail to apply sunscreen correctly, you are at risk of painful burns that, in turn, can have negative effects on your skin and even your health.

If you get burned while sunbathing, turn to aloe vera to help treat your burns as it provides quick relief, soothes irritation, brings a feeling of freshness to the lesion, and contributes to faster regeneration of damaged tissue. 

Do not be afraid to apply aloe on burned skin to relieve burning; many after sun creams include its gel among their ingredients because of the plant’s multiple proven benefits.

A remedy for mosquito bites

The heat has arrived and, with it, the dreaded mosquitoes. It is becoming more and more difficult to escape their bites, especially those of the terrible tiger mosquito, which can also cause severe local allergic reactions.

A quick and 100% natural remedy is to apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on the bite. Its antiseptic and refreshing action, together with its anti-inflammatory effect, manages to reduce itching and inflammation if you administer it immediately after the bite. The location of the lesion doesn’t matter, and whether it is a mosquito, wasp, or other insect bite, aloe will effectively mitigate symptoms.

Aloe to remove makeup

Removing makeup completely after a long day of work is essential to keep your skin healthy and cared for. Thanks to aloe vera, you can deeply cleanse and take care of your skin.

Aloe vera has proven to be highly effective as a natural makeup remover and, in fact, there are many home remedies that combine the regenerative power of aloe with the moisturizing qualities of olive oil. By combining both ingredients, you get a homemade micellar water that removes makeup quickly and moisturizes the skin thanks to the oil; in this way, you can fight wrinkles and expression lines.

Remedy for moisturize the skin

Repairing dry and damaged skin with aloe vera is also possible. External agents such as pollution from the environment, too much sun exposure, stress, temperature changes, etc. give way to dry, dull, and tight skin.

Aloe will be your solution in any area of the body. The saponins it contains make it possible to reach the hypodermis, removing dirt from the pores at a deep level. Its content in acemannan and arginine improves blood circulation and optimizes its sanitizing properties.

Aloe vera gel is rich in fatty acids and vitamins. For this reason, it is attributed a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerating effect -- qualities that make it a perfect natural remedy for skin care, as well as for the care of any other tissue.

In short, aloe is one of the plants with the most known benefits. It has been used for centuries in various natural home remedies. In cosmetics, it has more and more applications and it is present in countless products. For example, in makeup remover milks, because of its cleansing and regenerating power.

It is also commonly found in natural moisturizing creams, both for body and facial use and for all skin types, including oily skin. Its effectiveness and characteristics make it ideal for formulating a wide variety of products for dermatological care, with the added benefit that it is a 100% vegan product. Have you taken note of these home remedies with aloe vera? We encourage you to put them into practice.

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