How to use aloe vera cleansing milk

To remove make-up properly, you need products that cleanse thoroughly without damaging your skin. It is essential to choose products that suit the specific needs of your skin so you can care for it properly. While some people’s skin is more sensitive or acne-prone than others, an aloe vera facial cleanser is recommended for all skin types. When one suitable for your skin type is combined with a toner, serum, mask, etc., you'll find you won't want to try any other. Here's how to use it to get the most out of it.

When to apply the aloe vera facial cleanser

Many people always use cleansing milk and then toner, but do you know why? It's because the cleansing milk removes greasy substances (present in make-up and in excess on the skin, especially if it is oily), while the toner removes water-soluble substances, also present in make-up. So, if you want your skin to be really clean, use both.

Specifically, this is the order we recommend you follow when using an aloe vera cleanser to remove your make-up:

●    Apply the aloe vera make-up remover to a cotton pad and then spread it over your face and eyelids and, if necessary, your neck and neckline.

●    Remove the product with a cotton pad soaked in facial toner.

●    Apply the serum, if used. After this cleansing, your skin will absorb better. Put 2-3 drops on your fingers, rub them together to warm it up and then apply it to your skin with gentle movements.
●    You can apply the eye contour now or after your moisturiser.

●    Leave the serum on and apply a face cream suitable for your skin type. Another option is to apply the cream just before going to bed, as it is during the night that the skin is renewed and regenerated; so you can make the most of the benefits of your cream.

You can use a face mask once or twice a week, or more sporadically, if you notice you need it during times of pollution, unfavourable weather or stress, etc. If so, we recommend following this order:

●    Apply the aloe vera make-up remover as above.

●    Remove the product with a cotton pad soaked in facial toner.

●    Apply your face mask for as long as necessary.

●    Afterwards, use an eye contour cream. Using this product can help protect the delicate skin in this area of the face.

●    Use the serum as described above, if necessary.

●    As with the moisturiser, wait for the serum to be absorbed. If you find the mask has been moisturising enough, you can skip this step.

Do you prefer to remove your make-up in the shower? Then we recommend replacing your cleansing milk with an aloe vera cleansing gel to cleanse the skin on your face and neck. Do not use the body wash, as its pH is not suitable for the face.

Once you get out of the shower, proceed as in the above sections. We recommend concentrating on the serum and moisturiser if you shower in hot water or use a lot of water on your face. These weaken the skin's natural protective barrier and dry it out. Moisturising is key to preventing wrinkles from appearing.

How to use the aloe vera cleansing milk

You can use aloe vera cleansing milk as part of the aforementioned routines, but we also recommend the following:

  • Use it in the morning when you wake up. During the night, the pores of the skin can become clogged by sweat, even though it is common not to realise this. By using the cleansing milk, you will achieve a uniform result, without imperfections, that will prepare your skin for make-up. To remove it, use a cotton pad with toner.
  • After and before applying your make-up you can use serum to ensure a more even application of make-up. We do not recommend primers as they tend to contain substances that block the pores and cause pimples.

Do you need to know more about how to use an aloe cleanser; when it is best and when not? We tell you below.

Tips for use

For an aloe vera make-up remover to have maximum benefits for the skin, use it like this:

  • The cleansing milk is applied with a cotton pad. Only a gel is used with the hands, like any other soap. The cotton wool spreads the product better and exerts a gentle friction that promotes deep cleansing. If you have to use your fingers, make sure your hands are clean and massage well.
  • The correct way to massage when applying cleansing milk or cleanser is with circular movements.
  • Any complete aloe vera facial cleansing also includes facial toner. But if one day you don't have any, that's fine: continue with water and dry yourself well with a towel.
  • Once opened, use the cleaner within 12 months, so it does not lose its effectiveness.
  • Keep the cleaner in a cool, dry place firmly closed. This prevents it from deteriorating.
  • You can use the cleanser to remove eye make-up, but avoid getting it in your eyes.

We recommend the best time to use aloe vera cleansers is the spring, when your skin needs the most nutrients and protection, provided by agents found in this plant. Its antioxidant effects will prevent the sun from accelerating skin ageing; however, remember this is not a substitute for sunscreen. In addition, we recommend using aloe vera cleansers to remove make-up and cleanse the skin after being exposed to the sun during the summer.

Who is it best for? Aloe vera does not cause allergic reactions and balances the skin's moisture and lipids, so it is suitable for all skin types.

We hope you are in no doubt about how to use an aloe vera facial cleanser. Try it and see for yourself how it enhances the effects of your facial cleansing routine.

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