Aloe Vera from Canary Islands is 100% ecological

The Aloe Vera plant is probably native to old Arabia and common in subtropical climates high in sun hours and low in rainfall like the Canary Islands. In the Canary Islands the growth of Aloe Vera occurs naturally due to the characteristics of temperature and type of soil, conducive to the cultivation of this medicinal plant.

Respect for the natural growth of Aloe Vera.

The plant needs three years to reach maturity; at that age is when its leaves bring together all the properties that make it a powerful natural remedy for health. This process of growth requires patience and fertile terrain at open air, from which it acquires the nutrients necessary for its complete development.

The Canarian soil is rich in nutrients.

In the Canary Islands, the cultivation of Aloe Vera has been extended by the climatology and typology of the soil, which has a higher quality than in other areas of plantation. This superiority of the Canadians Aloe Vera compared to that, produced in other areas such as the Mediterranean, Japan, the United States or Africa, is given by its volcanic soil that brings extra nutrients and minerals to the plant which adds extra value to the final product.

100% ecological

At the moment, the farms that respect the natural growth of the plant are scarce. At “Finca Canarias”, its thousands of hectares are dedicated exclusively to Aloe Vera in its most common variety of Aloe Barbadensis Miller, with no chemicals of any kind and with the care and dedication of a 100% ecological company. Achieving the seal of the Ecological Agriculture Regulatory Council, which guarantees quality and respect for the environment, is the result of daily work in favor of nature, which brings an extra freshness to the plant. Under this identification it is confirmed that the plant is born and grows with minimal human intervention in the process, without artificial fertilizers or chemical products. This commitment is the identity of “Finca Canarias”, which integrates environmentalism and respect for the environment as a part of its DNA and in its business philosophy.

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